Universal Design for Learning paradigm: What is good for one is good for all. If we service the Primary they will feel stronger and confident. This will allow for a solid foundation in the transition from primary years to intermediate years.

Current Strategies

  • Collaborative support teacher
  • Instructional Leadership Team
  • School Based Professional Development days
  • District / Provincial Professional Development Days
  • Admin supported release time for teacher collaboration
  • Flexible scheduling | 5/6 Blends
  • Project based/ Inquiry based collaborative learning modules with grade 3 to 5 teachers and Q’aLaTKu7eM Community School students when possible.
  • Healthy Traditional Hot lunch once a month. This is offered to the whole school to honor First Nations traditional foods and healthy eating.  This project involves the grade 4/5 class and Elementary Aboriginal Support Worker.  Note, there will be a $5.00 cost if students order the hot lunch.
  • Fall and Spring Craft market project including Q’aLaTKu7eM
  • Partnerships and Collaboration on District wide Forest Fire Forum Projects Gr. 1-5 with experts and politicians invited from around the communities
  • Participation of a variety of classes at SHE in School speech presentations 

New Strategies

These are cross-class community projects and partnerships that are enhancing collaboration between students, classes, schools and communities which are purposeful and authentic that will build confidence and excitement to collaborate. Ultimately, the connection and focused alignment with project/ inquiry-based learning will lead to collaboration through self, family and community knowledge and awareness.

Community in Our Own Words

This project focuses on the significance of community identity and how it is connected to wellbeing and collaboration.  Community in Our Own Words create opportunities for  personally relevant projects so that students are able understand and develop cultural identity and social responsibility, then students will feel safe enough to collaborate

SET BC Inclusive School Project

We are partnering with SET BC to aspire to inclusive school environment where all students feel like they belong, and have opportunities every day to engage in activities that are meaningful and personally relevant.  We look to celebrate the strengths of all learners, and meets each student where they are at, not where they “should be”.

5/6/7 blends of FI and English students

To enhance connections between students and between students and adults in the building