Process for Review and Revision

  • August, we reviewed data.
  • August, the SLP committee formed.
  • Committee met to articulate our plan and parents met to review plan.
  • District review of SLP
  • SLP committee met to revise plan
  • Staff meeting to review DRAFT of new direction
  • Parent meeting to review Draft of new direction (IP)


  • The School Planning Team meets together on a regular basis.
  • The School Learning Plan is part of the monthly staff meeting.
  • Parents met to review and have input on School Learning Plan.
  • The School Learning Plan will be shared at PAC meetings
  • The School Newsletter features parts of the School Learning Plan featured in each edition.
  • Student focus group to review plan for insight and input. Survey students are part of the plan.
  • Staff have initiated an inquiry project that embodies strategies to improve collaboration between peers (Survey Results in appendix)

Professional Learning Plan for Staff

  • Professional learning with SET BC
  • Implementation proposal for Community in Our Own Words (IP)
  • ILT professional learning with Loose Parts and Story congress
  • Year 3 of Outdoor education from Wild BC

Structures Currently in Place


  • Mathletics
  • Head Spouts
  • Reading A to Z
  • SET BC Executive Functioning and Technology 
  • Online resources and tools
  • Laptops and iPads 1:3 device to student ratio
  • Use of iPads for accessibility features such as speech to text, text to speech and word prediction for communication
  • Use of Epic Books for reading supports such as read to self and listen to
  • Use of Microsoft Word, Kurzweil and Firefly to support reading and
  • iPad apps such as Seesaw, Book Creator, Explain Everything, I movie, and Pictello to provide multiple means of capturing learning
  • Digital Portfolio
  • My Blueprint
  • Freshgrade
  • MAP entries (IP)

Play and Exploration

  • Story Congress or story telling using loose parts
  • Primary Wilderness Wednesdays
  • Math games
  • Project-based Learning

Purpose and Authenticity

  • Positive Behavior Intervention Strategies
  • Growth mindset process being taught and language being used
  • Stewardship Pemberton partnerships
  • Artist in Residence
  • Student Council
  • Ucwalmícwts language program with participation from Lil̓’wat Elders and PSS Students
  • Monthly Assemblies and Classroom Assemblies focusing on Positive Behaviour Intervention Strategies and sharing learning
  • ILT District Wide Forum, Collaboration
  • Heritage Fair


  • Inquiry
  • Project-Based Learning
  • School Wide Write
  • Self-assessment as it relates to the competencies and self-regulation
  • Ongoing Communicating Student Learning
  • Digital Portfolios  


  • Grade 5/ 6/7 teacher collaboration
  • Peer Tutors from PSS
  • Multi-Age Groupings at all levels
  • Lunch time activities and groups
  • Cultural groups
  • Buddy Groups